Words for the Wise in August

The topic for August is “WORDS”. My mind is filled with words this month, and I’m not sure which to share now, ¬†which to share later…and which NOT to share at all. So for now, I will share something I posted a couple of weeks ago on my ProverbWise Facebook page.

I was responding to a friend’s post on social media. I want to share this again with you, as we consider the topic of “Words” in the month of August. Later this month, I look forward to sharing some of God’s Words to me – as He counseled me personally and intimately during a very difficult situation! (Psalm 16:7)

“If you have a problem with another human being, don’t post a vaguely condemning Facebook status passive- aggressively hoping they’ll see it. Be an adult, confront them.” – Graeme, Facebook Post, July 27, 2017

Thanks, Graeme, for your wise words. I would like to add this comment, “Be like Jesus, forgive!”

The behavior that Graeme was addressing is incredibly common on social media these days – even among those who claim to be followers of Jesus. (Sometimes, I am astonished at what I read on Facebook posted for all the world, or at least our Facebook friends, to see.) At times the comments are anything but gracious. I am sometimes even aware of what the comment is in regard to and who it is intended to target. Often in ministry we hear a lot of things from a lot of things from many different people and it’s not very hard to put two and two together! Sometimes, I want to call the person and say, “What in the world are you doing??? Is this what Jesus would do?”

The book of Proverbs has much to say regarding the words we speak (or write or post!). Proverbs 17:27 says this:
He (or she) who restrains his words has knowledge, and he (or she) who has a cool spirit is a man (or woman) of understanding.

THINK before you post… PRAY before you post? Is it kind? Is it spoken in love? Will it honor the Lord Jesus and glorify the Father? Will my words point people to Jesus?

If not…hit “delete” FAST!

Pastor’s Wives, EveryDay Lives – An Interview with Florence Nsamba

Pastor Eugene & Florence Nsamba are pastors and church planters in Uganda and are the founders of Hidden Treasure Children’s Foundation of Maya, Uganda

Over 500 children attend their three schools from pre-school through grade school. Pastor Eugene has personally trained 66 pastors in Africa to finish the Great Commission and has started several churches in the past year. Florence serves alongside her husband heading up Hidden Treasure school and leading a Connect group (evangelism) to begin a new church plant in the area.

These dear servants of the Lord face many challenges that those of us in ministry in North America cannot comprehend, including the fact that they must send their young children to boarding school, due to the extreme danger of kidnappings in and near their community. They manage to use public transportation to oversee the various ministries in their care, but cannot allow their children to go to and from school on the buses (they do not own a car) because of the danger of being kidnapped for human trafficking or Satanic ritual abuse. In addition, they share their home with the pre-school and early grade school children – 80 plus children each day and are praying to find a place of their own as the school continues to grow.

In spite of the differences and difficulties of pastoral life in Uganda, the basic challenges are pretty much the same as we face in the United States. Pastor’s wives, I hope you will take time to watch this interview with Florence and pay special heed to the her comments at the end of the conversation, because “Faithful is HE who called you, WHO also will do it!”